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The Journey of the Incoming Soul in connection with Embryology 

Elissa Dell & Sophia Smith: A Collaboration 

Rescheduled – date TBC

This workshop explores the interweaving of spirit, soul and body that unfolds during embryological development. This includes the sacred role of the placenta, the emerging science of womb ecology, and traditional wisdoms’ understanding of the individual soul’s journey into incarnation. 

We will be learning new ways of supporting the physiological and affirming the spiritual, which might also nourish our understandings of our own biographies. From conception to birth and beyond, Nature and Spirit cradle and kindle our emergence into visibility. 


In diverse cultures throughout history, unborn souls on their way to earth have communicated with their mother or father-to-be, or their tribe. In our day, Before Conception Experiences (BCEs) are increasingly being taken seriously, as are Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Human consciousness transcends the purely material human form and brain. 


The embryo takes us to a shared primal landscape: a place of unity from which we step out at birth. Through image, imagination and our felt sense we will be considering the support structures in embryological development, as a way of exploring the deeper formative processes at work.


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If you have any questions or would like to book your place, please contact Sophia or Elissa (

This workshop qualifies as Primary CPD for the CSTA (Craniosacral Therapy Association). 


There will be a maximum of eight participants. 

Frantisek Kupka, The Beginning of Life, c. 1900, etching on paper. Image in public domain.jpeg

Frantisek Kupka, The Beginning of Life, c. 1900, etching on paper. 

Image in public domain


Crista Galli, 52 Dorchester Road, London, W2 6ET 


£285 (£255 earlybird ticket - book before 10 March)

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