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Birth doula

'What we do around birth will define society' – Margaret Mead

Sophia is a recognised birth doula registered with Doula UK, working in East Sussex within a radius of about 45 minutes' drive from Forest Row.

Sophia says:

"I believe in enabling as safe and beautiful an arrival on earth as is possible for every incoming soul.
In my role as a birth doula I offer practical, emotional, mental and quietly spiritual support to women giving birth. 
Specific therapeutic help is in the background wherever appropriate, as reflexology, aromatherapy or homeopathy."
Mayan ritual offering by Lake Atitlán. Photo by Sophia Smith.jpg

Mayan ritual offering by Lake Atitlán. Photo by Sophia Smith.


"We could not have done this amazing adventure without you. Your love, your warmth and healing energy was the card that made our “team” complete.
I will never forget our time together…how the universe works so perfectly. And you will always hold a special place in our hearts."

"I cannot express in words how absolutely grateful I am for your accompanying me and the baby on this journey through pregnancy and birth. We are truly blessed. Thank you, thank you."

From the father: 

"Dear Sophia, Thank you so much for all of your help during a highly emotionally intense life experience for us all! You helped in so many ways, giving so much of your personal resources, we will always associate the birth 
with you."

From the mother: 

"So pleased to have made this whole journey with you. The reflexology was a godsend, an oasis of calm leading up to the birth. And your support-mind, body and spirit- was just what I needed to help the birth."

"Having had a long labour with my first, I very much wanted a doula this time round for extra support. Sophia was a great support throughout my pregnancy, always a phone call or email away, and I had regular reflexology to help relax and prepare me for my birthing journey. […] I was two weeks overdue and during this frustrating time Sophia kept me grounded and reminding me baby would arrive when ready.

When strong contractions began we went to hospital but like in the first birth I was only 2cm dilated. It was at this point we needed Sophia the most: the midwife suggested I stay in the ward while Greg and Sophia went home. Sophia rightly pointed out I may be calmer at home – so off home we went. [...] Back in hospital next day, still only 3cm dilated. Eventually after much discussion with Greg, the midwife and doctors I had a spinal block and epidural.

Again, Sophia made such a huge difference: to have someone else there to help accept the change in birth plan was of utmost comfort. She enabled Greg to have a rest when needed, they worked together to ensure I was as comfortable as possible, she massaged me when I asked, eased off without a word when I didn’t want to be touched anymore, she mopped my brow, dispensed my homeopathy tablets in the right intervals, ensured I drank lots, gave me amazing food, succulent dates and cereal bars that kept me going. She sat quietly, held my hand, took photos and never once showed signs of tiredness, lack of motivation or support. I finally dilated and after a few pushes our beautiful daughter arrived.

We will always be grateful to Sophia for her input and support before during and after the birth of Sienna, and consider it an honour she was there."

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