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Cultivating the Art of Presence: 

Uncovering the qualities of your 'life force body' with Nine Star Ki

Facilitated by Sophia Smith and Kicki Hansard

2020 date TBC

Nine Star Ki is a versatile and fascinating astrological system based on a solar calendar devised by the ancient Tibetans and Chinese, which is still in use in Feng Shui and Eastern medicine. According to the year of our birth, certain influences are more dominant in our nature, imprinting particular qualities to our vitality. Wise people of the past observed that there is a predictable cycle every nine years, with additional permutations every month; the timing of our first breath sets certain key influences for life! These underpin and influence our soul qualities, character and personality traits.

As doulas and as therapists, it is of great practical interest to understand ourselves better in our own personal lives, and also to sense into our clients’ ways of being, so that we can support them better and avoid draining our own precious energies.
The material is explored over two workshops; the second one is dependent on having attended the first. A break in between is advisable to study the material and make your own observations.

Day 1: 'Knowing yourself'

Day 2: 'Doula, therapist and client relationships'

The number of participants will be limited to twelve. 

In these pioneering workshops, you will:

  • Discover how to interpret the Nine Star Ki core energy qualities.​

  • Gain insight into your own core qualities and those of your family members.

  • Learn which tendencies to cultivate in your being, and which to watch out for.

  • Find an excellent short-cut to understanding other people.

  • Understand certain underlying energy dynamics in relationships and improve your communication modes.

  • Apply what you learn to your work as a doula or a therapist, by discovering how best to meet your client’s needs while listening in to your own awakened sense of self.

If you have any questions or would like to book your place, please contact Sophia or Kicki (

Photo by Sophia Smith.JPG

Photo by Sophia Smith. 

Venue: TBC | Dates: TBC


Day 1 workshop – £97 (BirthBliss doulas – £84)

Day 2 workshop – £194 (BirthBliss doulas – £167)

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